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 05.12.15 · 6 Units Shipped to Uganda Through SHDI

Now in its 8th year, the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative (SHDI) is still going strong! Another six demining locators were recently shipped to Uganda, bringing the worldwide total to 483. The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has assisted in getting the $1041 locators into the hands of UN-supported demining teams in 28 countries, among them Laos, Somalia, Kenya, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Egypt, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Croatia, Chad, Azerbaijan, Gaza, Cambodia, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Uganda and the Darfur region of Sudan.


This video tells the story of an innovative humanitarian demining partnership involving the United Nations Mine Action Service, (UNMAS) Schonstedt Instrument Company, the US Department of State and the Society of Religious Friends (Quakers) who have raised funds for donating magnetic locators to mine action programmes around the world.

Produced by Richard Krantz (


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 10.21.14 · VIDEO: Schonstedt and UNMAS Demining Featured on FSNLive

 08.10.14 · Schonstedt Recognized in UNMAS Annual Report

The 2013 United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) report includes a special acknowledgement of Schonstedt's ongoing contribution to global demining efforts through the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative (SHDI), which is still going strong in its 7th year of operation.

Download full report in .pdf format here

 04.09.14 · Schonstedt Locators in Afghanistan
Demining technicians near Kabul using the Schonstedt 52Cx

Front page article in The Washington Post
By Kevin Sieff

KABUL — As the U.S. military withdraws from Afghanistan, it is leaving behind a deadly legacy: about 800 square miles of land littered with undetonated grenades, rockets and mortar shells.

The military has vacated scores of firing ranges pocked with the explosives. Dozens of children have been killed or wounded as they have stumbled upon the ordnance at the sites, which are often poorly marked. Casualties are likely to increase sharply; the U.S. military has removed the munitions from only 3 percent of the territory covered by its sprawling ranges, officials said.

Read full article here

 04.07.14 · Mali Demining Film Features Schonstedts

A short film by documentarian Marco Grob and narrated by Daniel Craig follows "Douglas", a UNMAS demining technician in Mali, who risks his life day in and day out in an effort to uncover and dispose of "the leftover detritus of war".

 03.11.14 · State Journal Feature Article on Schonstedt

The State Journal, West Virginia's Business Newspaper, recently published a feature about the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative (SHDI):

Small Kearneysville company recognized for big donations

Posted: Mar 07, 2014 2:59 PM EST By Linda Harris, Legal Reporter

There are days when Bob Ebberson and his co-workers at Schonstedt Instrument Co. must feel a little like David battling Goliath.

Small by any standards — there are just 25 employees in the company — Kearneysville-based Schonstedt is trying to make the world just a little bit safer by donating hand-held magnetic locators to people in war-torn world communities to help them find underground mines and unexploded ordnance that could kill or maim unsuspecting children and adults as they walk, play or plow fields that look deceptively inviting.

But eight years and nearly 500 free magnetic locators later, they're learning an ugly truth: human nature being what it is, 500 isn't going to be nearly enough.

"It makes the employees here feel particularly good about what we do here every day," said Ebberson, who is director of Schonstedt's business development as well as its Humanitarian Demining Mission, which operates in partnership with the United Nations. "Everything we manufacture here is all American-made and we're an employee-owned company," he said. "Everybody knows when they come to work in the morning they're literally helping save lives around the world."

 02.10.14 · HALO Trust Receives 12 Locators for use by MAPA
A HALO WAD operator uses a Schonstedt GA-72Cd Locator to pinpoint items buried in collapsed bunkers in Parwan Province

The legacy of thirty years of conflict has left communities in Afghanistan facing many problems. One of the great challenges the country faces is ridding itself of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and stray ammunition (SA) that lies hidden, scattered across the whole country. Many of these items have lain dormant for many years waiting to injure unsuspecting civilians who unearth them when tending to their land or used by insurgents to destabilize the country and work against the GoIRA and its people.

The donation of 12 x Schonstedt GA-72Cd magnetic locators has been greatly received by the Mine Action Programme for Afghanistan (MAPA). Schonstedt magnetic locators make up the back bone of the MAPA's UXO/SA search capabilities with this technology being used to locate items, which are then destroyed, including cluster munitions and large calibre UXO and SA. Each month over 80 tons of ammunition is destroyed across the MAPA and Schonstedt GA-72Cd Magnetic Locators play a major part in the location and destruction of these explosive items.

The HALO Trust on behalf of the MAPA implementing partners who are benefiting from this donation would like to thank the donors for their generous donation of these locators.

These achievements were made possible thanks to the partnership established between the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) and Schonstedt.

 01.11.14 · $60 Gift Certificate Winners Announced

60 Winners of $60 Gift Certificates were drawn at random from more than 1100 entries in
Round #6, the Final Round, of the 2013 Great Locator Giveaway. See this list here

 01.10.14 · Chris Brown Wins Final Locator Giveaway!

Chris Brown, PLS, of Quantum Spatial in Portland Oregon was drawn as the Winner of the Great Locator Giveaway #6, the final Giveaway for 2013! Chris claimed a GA-92XTd magnetic locator as his prize.

But Wait, There's More: The Grand Prize Drawing! Chris Brown joins all other entrants in the 6 Locator Giveaways for the drawing of a 7-Day Cruise for Two. ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON ON THIS WEBSITE!

 12.25.13 · A second Schonstedt locator on display at UN Headquarters NYC

The Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative (SHDI) continues to support the United Nations Mine Action Service in its efforts to eradicate explosive remnants of war from countries around the world. In recognition, and in addition to a permanent display of a Schonstedt demining tool at the United Nations, a second unit is now featured in a recently opened exhibition in the Visitor's Center at UN Headquarters in New York.

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