Expansion Opportunities With Schonstedt

Schonstedt Instrument Company is a 64-year-old manufacturer of handheld instruments that locate underground utilities. Our products are manufactured in West Virginia and shipped throughout the world.

Schonstedt Team Photo

The company is expanding and diversifying and is seeking to expand through one or more of the following means:
  • Contract Manufacturing – Expertise in Assembly, Integration of Design-Engineering & Manufacturing, and practical and effective employment of Quality Control Systems.
  • Technology Licensing – Schonstedt is uniquely positioned to become a manufacturing partner to companies seeking to commercialize their early stage innovations. Licensing arrangements can include assistance with manufacturing design, supply chain, production and marketing.
  • SBIR Program Assistance – We can assist SBIR technology companies with Product Development and Phase III – Commercialization.
  • Acquisition – Schonstedt is open to acquiring companies with internal rates of return that meet its investment goals.

Learn More About Schonstedt Here—or—Download the Schonstedt Fact Sheet in pdf format

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