Schonstedt Instrument Company Fact Sheet

Background – founded in 1953 by Erick O. Schonstedt as a producer of magnetometers for the aerospace industry, including over 400 satellites and the Hubble telescope.

Current Ownership – Schonstedt is a 100% employee-owned company.

Current Market Focus – volume commercial, industrial, government and export markets.

Product – the Company manufactures two types of instruments used to locate underground objects:

  1. Magnetic Locators – to find ferrous metals such as boundary markers, paved-over valve and manhole covers, drums and storage tanks, well casings, septic tanks, land mines, unexploded ordnance, etc.
  2. Pipe and Cable Locators – to find and trace any linear, electrically conductive material such as telephone, cable TV and fiber optic lines, water and gas pipes, and AC power lines.

Applications/Users – surveyors, construction and excavation contractors, utility companies (water and sewer, gas, electric, telecom, cable), facilities managers, maintenance groups, municipalities, environmental contractors, munitions response and explosive ordnance disposal teams.

Service and Support – the Company maintains a full-time, two-day turnaround, repair facility and offers a full line of accessories and supplies.

Employees – 25, about half of which are engaged in manufacturing.

Distribution – approximately 300 dealers throughout the US; direct and internet sales; manufacturer’s reps;
international distributors.

Export Markets – 60+ countries with a concentration in Canada, Europe (Germany, UK), Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland), Middle East (United Arab Emirates), Latin and South America and the Far East (China, Japan).


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