Locating In Action

Video, news and features of Schonstedt locators on the job.

Why did we make the switch?

Schonstedt Customers are Asking: Why Did You Make the Switch? When we introduced the GA-92XT series back in 2002, we really didn’t know how customers would react to a pistol-grip locator that extends and retracts and can be carried in a holster. Well it’s now 2016 and professional locators all over the world have “made their move” to the XTd, and today it stands as the #1 magnetic locator of choice for all-around use. But at Schonstedt, we’re not known for standing still, so our engineers went to work and made the switch: a new membrane switch with signal strength…

New Maggie Users Report: Thumbs WAY up!

It looks like the new Maggie is meeting—and exceeding—all expectations. Here’s what Teena Sinclair, Purchasing Manager at Portland’s PPI Group and Schonstedt Dealer, had to say: “I am so happy about the results of my Maggie test! When the Maggie test opportunity came up, I knew the perfect person to try it but also knew that he could easily give me a thumbs down. He has a great eye for detail, is a perfectionist and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks! For me, his endorsement gives me all the confidence that I need to sell this product!” The Maggie…

10 Units Shipped to Uganda and the Central African Republic

Now in its 8th year, the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative (SHDI) is still going strong! Schonstedt just shipped 6 demining locators to Uganda, bringing the worldwide total to 483. The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has assisted in getting the $1041 locators into the hands of UN-supported demining teams in 29 countries, among them Laos, Somalia, Kenya, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Egypt, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Croatia, Chad, Azerbaijan, Gaza, Cambodia, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Uganda, the Darfur region of Sudan, and the Central African Republic.   This video tells the story of an innovative humanitarian demining partnership involving the United Nations Mine…

VIDEO: Schonstedt and UNMAS Demining Featured on FSNLive

Schonstedt Plays a Key Role in Underground Asset Management

As more emphasis is placed on locating, documenting and managing underground utility assets, a combination of survey magnets and Schonstedt magnetic locators are playing an important role in the identification and marking out of the utility infrastructure. Along with As-Builts, GPS and other data, information is integrated using sophisticated software designed to map and display underground utilities and site assets. Download one state-of-the-art example of how it all comes together: Sigma R2 Systems Brochure on this topic (PDF)

Find UXO underground locator

Schonstedt Locators in Afghanistan

Front page article in The Washington Post By Kevin Sieff KABUL — As the U.S. military withdraws from Afghanistan, it is leaving behind a deadly legacy: about 800 square miles of land littered with undetonated grenades, rockets and mortar shells. The military has vacated scores of firing ranges pocked with the explosives. Dozens of children have been killed or wounded as they have stumbled upon the ordnance at the sites, which are often poorly marked. Casualties are likely to increase sharply; the U.S. military has removed the munitions from only 3 percent of the territory covered by its sprawling ranges,…

Cambridge, Ontario: Leaky pipes, rate relief, and the GA-92XT

ByJeff Hicks, TheRecord.com CAMBRIDGE — You need a safe cracker’s ear to find and fix Cambridge’s $90-million in potentially leaky pipes. You need a stethoscope, too. Place the listening bell on a suspect valve or water hydrant. Then, like an old-west bandit trying to discern a coming gold train with an ear to the rail, listen hard for the sickening sound of millions in liquid cash trickling out of ratepayers pockets and into the ground. “You can actually listen over a pipe on the ground,” public works commissioner George Elliott said. “If you have to you can drill a port…

Intro to Magnetic Locating Video Added

Schonstedt’s own Jim Bach is the featured performer in a new “Magnetic Locating Basics” video. This eight-minute segment introduces Schonstedt’s three models of Magnetic Locators: the GA-52Cx, the GA72-Cd, and the GA-92XT. Jim covers all the basics of finding underground ferrous objects large and small.