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Do your locators find all metals, and to what depth?

Our locators detect ferrous metals (iron, steel and alloys) exclusively.  They will not "see" or respond to aluminum, brass or copper.  The benefits of this are that they will not register 'false positives' caused by non-ferrous metals, and will detect ferrous metals to a much greater depth than an all-metal detector.  Depending on its mass and orientation, Schonstedt magnetic locators will detect a ferrous metal target to a depth of 30 feet. » Download Magnetic locators vs. Metal Detectors Chart (PDF)

What technology do your magnetometers use?

Schonstedt locators are based on fluxgate magnetometer technology using patented, ultra-sensitive and ultra-stable HeliFlux® sensors

How are they constructed?

All units are of modular, solid state construction.  They are standalone, self-contained instruments—all sensors, controls and indicators are packaged in a lightweight handheld unit.  The GA-72Cd is housed in a Polycarbonate/ABS blend material.

Are they commercially available? How quickly can I get one?

Schonstedt magnetic locators are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products.  Orders for 50 or fewer normally ship within 24 hours.

What kind of batteries do they use?

The units can be configured with 9-volt lithium, lithium ion rechargeable, and alkaline batteries.  Call for battery configuration assistance if needed.

What is your warranty period?

The warranty period for MR/EOD/UXO use is 1 year, which includes all parts and labor.  Factory repair/refurbishment is available beyond the 1-year warranty period.

What about spare parts and training?

A spare parts package is available.  Training materials and factory in-house training are available to support operation, troubleshooting and maintenance.  Training on the instrument can be accomplished in significantly less than 8 hours.

How quickly can the unit be put into operation in the field?

The unit is fully operational in less than 30 seconds.


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