An Easy Line Locator for the Cable Industry

Are you responsible for maintaining buried telephone, fiber optic or coaxial (catv) lines or identifying other underground utilities? Schonstedt offers both magnetic locators and pipe and cable locators to fit every need in the telecommunications industry and among telecom contractors and installers.

Magnetic Locators detect buried steel objects including pedestals, splice boxes, and vaults up to 18′ deep. Magnetic locators react to the outline of a ferrous metal object to pinpoint its location with precision.

We offer a choice of five models: MAGGIE (pistol grip w/audio & display), Spot (“stick” w/audio), GA-52Cx (audio), GA-72Cd (most rugged w/audio & display) and GA-92XTd (extendable w/audio & display). For over 50 years, the GA-52Cx has been the preferred choice of surveyors around the world. The ultralight-weight Spot represents the “Next Generation Stick Locator”. The GA-92XTd allows for easier portability (expands and retracts). And MAGGIE blends the best of the GA-52Cx and GA-92XTd. All are backed with a Schonstedt 7-year warranty.

Pipe & Cable locators are able to detect cables in large bundles or single pairs as well as FO cable with metal shield, armor jacket or tracer wire, even through the concrete surface of conduit, up to a maximum depth of 20 feet. There are two models to choose from: The Rex Multi-Frequency Locator is designed for more congested underground situations or large scale projects that demand the flexibility to change transmitter frequency plus reduce bleed-off for improved accuracy. The XTpc-33 is designed for quick, short distance locates of minimum difficulty, where better portability is desired. All models can detect the cable by means of conductive (directly connected) and inductive (in-direct) modes.

Combination Kits

Magnetic and Pipe & Cable Locator Kits – MPC kits combine the best of both worlds while saving time & effort — all in one convenient case for limited storage areas. Consisting of an XTpc utility locator and GA-92XTd magnetic locator, these kits detect and locate all objects described above as well as those transmitting at 512 Hz.

The MPC-Rex Combo Kit is truly the one kit that finds it all, designed for utility locating professionals in Water • Sewer • Gas • Electric • Telecomm industries. The Kit includes a GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator and a Rex Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator and accessories. The entire system fits easily into a custom shoulder bag.

The MPC-300 kit comes with a 33 kHz transmitter and receiver — best for tracing electrical and telecommunication cables.

Cable Locating Kit – The CL-300 cable locating kit includes an XTpc-33 with 512 Hz sonde detection ability along with a 5” Inductive Signal Clamp. The kit traces the path of all electrical and telecommunication cables along with buried wire for pumps, irrigation or traffic control systems. The CL-300 will also detect tracer wire buried alongside water/sewer or gas pipelines.

Pipe, Cable & Sonde locator – The PCS-800 combines the versatility of the XTpc-82 utility locator along with a choice of 512 Hz sonde (beacon or mole). A great tool for water/sewer crews, construction & excavation contractors and home service professionals needing to trace various utilities and non-metal sewer pipes.

Schonstedt also offers a range of sondes (aka mini-transmitters; moles or beacons) that work with our pipe and cable locators for even greater accuracy through empty conduit. Click here to learn more about Schonstedt sondes.