Loki Sweeps the Locating World

Schonstedt Instrument Company is pleased to announce the launch of Loki, a multi-frequency locator designed to “sweep” large areas to quickly and easily locate buried assets. Loki is designed for utilities and construction crews seeking a user-friendly, lower-cost pipe and cable locator. Available in two models, Contractor and Utilities, each model is optimized to perform in the demanding environments of the construction and utilities industries.

Loki combines new and innovative features to find buried pipes and cables more efficiently. As the first Schonstedt pipe and cable locator with “Dual Mode” capabilities, Loki can simultaneously search for and identify transmitter and power signals for quick and accurate sweeps prior to excavation. Built in to ensure safe and effective locating, ShallowAlert™ warns of shallow pipes and cables and NoiseProtect™ enables use in electrically noisy environments.

Loki is a feature-rich, multi-frequency locator that operates in Active, Inductive, Sonde, and Passive modes.

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