Lexxi T1660 is the innovative, economical cable fault locator

Lexxi T1660 offers an unrivaled combination of performance, usability and economy. Combining hand-held ergonomics with a TDR engine, this fault locator gives technicians the tools they need to find faults quickly, with 1% distance accuracy and resolution.

  • Large, color display
  • 1% fault location accuracy
  • 0.5m dead zone
  • 6km, 19000’ maximum range
  • 7m, 23’ minimum display range
  • 11 range settings
  • Operates from Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 12 hours typical battery lifetime (alkaline)
  • User selectable Power Down time
  • Selectable cable impedance
  • VoP adjustable from 1% to 99%
  • 100Ω Twisted Pair Alligator Clip cables included as standard
Economical Cable Fault Locator Display with labels

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