Why did we make the switch?

Schonstedt Customers are Asking: Why Did You Make the Switch?

When we introduced the GA-92XT series back in 2002, we really didn’t know how customers would react to a pistol-grip locator that extends and retracts and can be carried in a holster.

Well it’s now 2016 and professional locators all over the world have “made their move” to the XTd, and today it stands as the #1 magnetic locator of choice for all-around use. But at Schonstedt, we’re not known for standing still, so our engineers went to work and made the switch: a new membrane switch with signal strength indicator, advancing the XTd from single-handed operation to single-thumb precision. Now that’s innovation!

We’re taking orders NOW for this updated XTd. Model number and pricing remain the same.

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