Customer Testimonials

Our customers have a lot to say about our products! Hear them tell why locating buried pipes is easiest with Schonstedt pipe and cable locator equipment.

Your company and staff are truly customer oriented and stand behind the reliability of your products. It’s been a pleasure doing business with Schonstedt. Without a doubt, Schonstedt is #1 on the list for repeat business. Norman McCollum
Fluor Operations

I can’t say enough great things about the Schonstedt. I have only felt the urge to send a comment to one other company, when my old 1979 GMC crossed 500,000 hard, hard miles- 2/3 of those carrying that Schonstedt.(That was 12 years ago. GMC needed another motor, Schonstedt needed new batteries! Both still on the road.)
Doug Helms
Land Surveyor, Asheboro, NC

I have been using Schonstedt for the past 27 years and have found literally thousands of survey markers with your products.John Wise
Land Surveyor, Sweet Home, OR

Thank you for making the repairs and sending the equipment back to us in a very timely matter.  Many companies could learn a lesson from you about customer service.Douglas Lang Wastewater Collection Superintendent

I work in the oil and gas industry in West Virginia and Ohio. I use Schonstedt products to locate private and public utilities on a daily basis. I have purchased several units of the tracemaster II, the XTPC+, Maggie magnetic locator, and the traditional magnetic locators. Our survey department relies on the magnetic locators for finding corner pins and rebar. Our Midstream department relies on XTPC+ units for locating our pipelines for 811 ticket damage prevention response and our utility department relies on all of the products mentioned above to locate our own facilities for as-builts and for relocation of existing utilities in the path of new construction. Schonstedt products work considerably better when locating all metallic lines and cables compared to other brands we have worked with. The 50-60HZ AC voltage built in signal tracer is nice for tracing buried electrical cables. I would recommend Schonstedt products to anyone looking for professional quality equipment that is user friendly and easy to learn in a day.
Scott Hoffer Utility Coordinator, Antero Resources

To the Schonstedt Repairs Dept: I want to thank you again for your good work.  I'll be happy to recommend Schonstedt!  Excellent equipment and service.  Thanks!
Steve Scott, Scott Survey, Inc

I am so happy about the results of my Maggie test!

When the Maggie test opportunity came up, I knew the perfect person to try it. He has a great eye for detail, is a perfectionist and isn't afraid to say what he thinks! For me, his endorsement gives me all the confidence that I need to sell the product!
Teena Sinclair The PPI Group

I Love my Schonstedt locator. I've owned if for over 25 years. I sent it in to be refurbished about a year ago and it's like new again.  I tried a different brand locator many years ago and felt it performed no where near as well as my Schonstedt. I'll stick with Schonstedt until I retire.Thomas Rope Surveyor

I am an absolute fan of the Schonstedt. I try to get every surveyor I know to buy one. Mine has given me absolute stellar performance. I only wish all of the instruments and products I have purchased through the years for surveying actually lived up to my needs and expectations the way the Schonstedt does. Thanks again for a fine product, and for great customer service to boot!
Arthur F. Seifert
Jr. P.L.S., Bell-Atlantic

I recently purchased a 92 XT and went looking for a box we have been trying to find for months. After locating the water line to the main I started sweeping with the XT and found the box three feet below grade. Others have been over that same area before and never got a hot signal. The Schonstedt found it right away. I’m a believer for life. Thanks for making a great product.Gary F. Read
Locator for the Village of Shorewood, Il

When it comes to magnetic locators, and pipe and cable locators, Schonstedt separates themselves from their competitors. They offer a complete line, offer product training to their dealers so they can actively sell and promote their products, and provide the service after the sale with their quick turn around on the few repairs that have occurred over the years. The training they offer for distributors, and customers at their training site in Kearneysville, WV is second to none... LB Water would highly recommend Schonstedt as their choice for magnetic, and pipe and cable locators, and value the partnership created through symmetry and innovation, which are the driving factors in our relationship.

Bill Everly
Manager of Business Development, LB Water Service 

Although we are half a world away I am genuinely impressed by the level of service and total commitment attitude of Schonstedt. I could also add that in a day and age when planned obsolescence is the norm, Schonstedt has certainly broken the mold.
Tony Nikkel
Nikkel Surveying Ltd, New Zealand

Big fan of the GA-92XTd for locating reference marks in surveying. Highly recommended your product to peers. Kane Ryan Surveyor, South Australia

Sometimes Iron Bars are oddly deep underground, and requires going that extra effort to uncover and identify. Couldn't do it without the Schonstedt. Been using your instrument for 15 years. Simon Kasprzak Ontario Land Surveyor, #surveyorsimon

Fantastic equipment! I have been using your products since the late 1970's, from land surveying tasks to municipal utility work, and they perform wonderfully in all types of weather. From surveying in the heat of the Dakotas, to the islands of Arkansas, to the winters in Michigan, they have performed well. Keep up the good work.
Doug Kadzban DPW Director, Muskegon Heights MI