Repair Department

We are committed to providing prompt response and 100% satisfaction.

Most Schonstedt locators returned to the factory for a paid repair will be completely refurbished. Not only will it look like new, it will operate within its original specifications. Use our convenient Repair Form to ensure accuracy.

  • Guaranteed 6 Months
  • Toll Free Customer Care Center
  • We repair Schonstedt locators, both during and after warranty

Schonstedt locators do not require recalibration unless the unit is malfunctioning or has been damaged by mechanical shock or other physical damage to the tube or housing.

We cannot provide an over-the-phone estimate until we receive the unit for evaluation. Upon receipt of equipment, our experienced technician will diagnose the problem at no extra charge & perform the repair once approved by you. No billable repair charges will be performed until authorization is received. If you choose not to have your unit repaired we will return it to you at no charge.

Obsolete Models & Parts for Repair

Due to obsolescent parts from electronic component suppliers and manufacturers, Schonstedt has discontinued repair services and parts availability for the following models*:
  • GA-52
  • GA-52B
  • GA-52C
  • GA-72Cv
  • MAC-51B
  • MAC-51Bx
  • TraceMaster 
  • TraceMaster II
Schonstedt offers a Trade-In allowance for these older models through our dealers. Please consult with your authorized Schonstedt dealer or contact us at 1-888-367-7014 for details.  NOTE: All GA-52Cx, GA-92XT series and GA-72Cd will continued to be serviced and fully repaired.

*  If you are unsure of your model, check the batteries, we cannot repair any units using ‘C’ cell batteries.

Customer Care Center
Open 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST
Toll Free: 1-888-367-7014

Return Instructions

Complete the Repair Form in its entirety. Ship your unit directly to: 

Radiodetection, LLC (Schonstedt) 
100 Edmond Road
Kearneysville, WV 25430
Attn: Repairs Department

  • Don’t forget to include a return address and phone number.
  • A short note describing the symptoms, shipped with the instrument, can often help us diagnose the problem and expedite the repair process.
  • It is best to ship locators in their Schonstedt carrying cases. Insure your packages. It is the responsibility of the customer and the shipper to get the package to us undamaged.
  • If your locator has damage resulting from leaking or ruptured batteries, do not remove the batteries.

* Customer must provide [Radiodetection / Schonstedt] (“Company”) with accurate and complete contact information, including a delivery address, when sending customer-owned products to Company. Customer shall inform Company of any changes to contact information when changes occur. If customer fails to provide return authorization, a valid delivery address, or payment for services or shipping, within sixty (60) days of such failure, Company will notify customer that it considers the product to be abandoned. Company will provide notice using the contact information customer furnished when customer authorized service or last updated its contact information with Company. In the event that customer product is abandoned, Company may dispose of customer product, and, may sell, at Company’s discretion, customer product at a private or public sale to pay for any outstanding service performed and storage costs.