Locate the info you need Facilities Management

Today’s Facilities Managers are expected to “know it all and do it all”, in a wide range of workplace environments.

Tough challenges to managing a facility, inside and out

Facilities management requires a working knowledge of all utilities—electrical and telecom, water and sewer, gas and oil, and the “undergrounding” movement in new construction only adds to the complexity of what infrastructure exists underground.

Locate Buried Cables and Pipes Running Under Pavement

Solutions for Facilities Management

Schonstedt offers a suite of easy-to-use, portable Magnetic Locators to detect valve or curb boxes, shut-off valves, and iron pipe joints below the surface of the ground.

Schonstedt Pipe & Cable Locators are used to detect the path and depth of buried utilities on private properties, such as water and sewer lines, power and telecom lines, and gas lines.