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Damages to buried utilities cost the U.S. approximately $30 billion in 2019, putting contract locators on call for 811 facilities, like JULES, MISS UTILITY, or other “One Call” services, to locate underground utilities prior to excavation.

Contract Locator Marks Out Buried Utilities and Underground Steel Objects

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For damage prevention professionals, navigating a crowded and complex underground environment—crisscrossed with water and sewer pipelines, electrical and telecom cables, and other subsurface assets—calls for accuracy, precision, and speed.

Contract Locator marks buried utilities under pavement

Solutions for Contract Locating

Contract Locators are often the first on site before construction, where costly excavation can be put on hold until all utilities are found and marked. They rely on Schonstedt instruments, both Magnetic and Pipe & Cable locators, for pinpoint accuracy and ease-of-use.