Find Your Warranty

Use this quick and easy form to look up your instrument's warranty expiration date. Warranty may be limited by special circumstances.

The Warranty Expiration Date* shown is calculated from the Date of Manufacture. If you returned your Warranty Card to Schonstedt your warranty period may be extended. Please contact factory for final determination.
* Military & EOD warranty is 1 year.


Schonstedt’s obligation under the warranty is limited to servicing or adjusting any product returned to the factory for this purpose and to replacing any defective part thereof. Such product must be returned by the original purchaser, transportation charges prepaid, with description of the defect in writing. If the fault has been caused by misuse or abnormal conditions of operation, repairs will be billed. Prior to repair, in this instance, a cost estimate will be submitted and no work will be done until authorization from customer. Batteries are specifically excluded under the warranty and should be addressed to the manufacturer of batteries in question.