Making Locating Easier for the Surveying Industry

Are you responsible for mapping of buried utilities, or need to pinpoint corner markers or property pins for plats and surveys?

Schonstedt offers both Magnetic Locators and Pipe & Cable Locators to detect ferrous objects, along with water, sewer, electrical, telecommunication or gas lines; on private property or for a subsurface utility engineering (SUE) project.

Magnetic Locators

Magnetic Locators detect buried ferrous objects including markers, pins, PK nails, steel enclosures, reinforced tanks, vaults, steel pipe joints, valve and curb boxes (shut-off valves) up to 18′ deep. Magnetic locators react to the outline of a ferrous metal object to pinpoint its location with precision.

We offer a choice of five models: MAGGIE (pistol grip w/audio & display), Spot (“stick” w/audio), GA-52Cx (audio), GA-72Cd (most rugged w/audio & display) and GA-92XTd (extendable w/audio & display). For over 50 years, the GA-52Cx has been the preferred choice of surveyors around the world. The ultralight-weight Spot represents the “Next Generation Stick Locator”. The GA-92XTd allows for easier portability (expands and retracts). And MAGGIE blends the best of the GA-52Cx and GA-92XTd. All are backed with a Schonstedt 7-year warranty.

Magnetic Locator
Comparison Chart

Major featuresPistol-grip
Visual Display
Highest Accuracy
Lowest Cost
Highest Accuracy
Most Popular
Lower Cost
Highest Accuracy
Most Rugged
Most Popular
for UXO &
Demining Applications
Most Portable
Comes with Holster
Extends & Retracts
Audio OutputYesYesYesYesYes
Visual OutputYes  YesYes
Battery IndicatorYes  YesYes
Sensitivity Indicator Yes  Yes Yes
Sensitivity controls 4 Levels5 Levels5 levels4 levels4 Levels
Headphone CompatibleYesYesYesYes

Pipe & Cable Locators

Pipe & Cable Locators detect the path and depth of ductile iron, straight steel, lead, copper, or any other metal constructed pipe. Pipe & Cable Locators also detect tracer wire or detectable metal tape (aka mule tape) buried alongside non-metal pipe systems constructed of transcite, HDPE, PVC, clay tile, or cement at a maximum depth of 20 feet. Rex is a multi-frequency locator with a compact, portable design and a powerful transmitter, allowing you to locate in congested or rural areas with ease.

Combination Kits

Magnetic and Pipe & Cable Locator Kits – MPC kits combine the best of both worlds while saving time & effort — all in one convenient hard-case for limited storage areas. Consisting of an XTpc utility locator and a GA-92XTd magnetic locator, these kits detect and locate all objects described above as well as those transmitting at 512 Hz.

The MPC-Rex Combo Kit is truly the one kit that finds it all, designed for utility locating professionals in Water • Sewer • Gas • Electric • Telecomm industries. The Kit includes a GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator and a Rex Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator and accessories. The entire system fits easily into a custom shoulder bag.

For non-metal pipes

Schonstedt also offers a range of sondes (aka mini-transmitters; moles or beacons) that work with our pipe and cable locators for even greater accuracy through empty pipes. Click here to learn more about Schonstedt sondes.