If you’re looking for High Accuracy at a Lower Cost, put Spot on the trail of your next locate!


Magnetic Locators, including Spot, detect the magnetic field of iron and steel objects. With engineering and accuracy equal to the GA-52Cx, in a sleek, ultralight-weight package with improved ergonomics, Spot is IP54 rated and comes with a 7-year warranty!

  • High Sensitivity
  • Ergonomic & Durable
  • Dust & Water Resistant (Rated IP54)
  • Easy access battery removal
  • HeliFlux® sensors
  • Audio Only – No Visual Display
  • No response to aluminum, brass, or copper
  • Includes a soft-case and sling for ease of carrying through rough terrain, hands-free
  • 7-year warranty
Standard Equipment

Standard equipment

  • Carrying Case (p/n: 600044)
  • One 9V Battery (in unit)



Spot Specifications

Audio OutputFrequency increases or decreases with signal strength (gradient field intensity).
Range: 30 to 4000 Hz.
Depth DetectionUp to 18’ deep (5.48 m) (object dependent)
Low Battery Indicator1/2 second audio beep, every 13 seconds
Gain5 levels: Extra Low (1), Low (2), Medium (3), High (4), Extra High (5)
Audio: Progression of audio beeps to correlate with gain setting
Gain Memory: Remembers last setting used
Input PowerOne 9V Battery
Battery Life24 Hours (intermittent usage)
Operating Temperature-13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C)
Overall Length42.3” (107.4 cm)
Nominal Sensor Spacing20” (50 cm)
Weight~2.0 lbs (0.9 Kg)
Water and Dust ProtectionRated IP54 overall, waterproof up to 27” (58 cm) from bottom tip
Construction MaterialHigh impact ABS body, Aluminum tube for sensors