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The worldwide boom in undergrounding of utilities means that thousands of miles of new fiber-optic cable are being laid every year.

Telecom coaxial fiber-optic cables underground installation

Are you responsible for locating buried telecom cables or other underground assets?

Telecommunication installers and repair technicians are often required to get up-to-speed quickly on new instruments and readily adapt to the world of locating underground fiber-optic and coaxial (CATV) cables, pedestals,  splice boxes, and vaults.

Pipe Cable Locator Traces Buried Fiber-Optic Lines

Solutions for the Telecom Industry

Schonstedt offers a suite of easy-to-use Magnetic Locators, designed to detect splice boxes, pedestals, and vaults.

Schonstedt Pipe & Cable Locators help users detect and trace the path, and depth, of buried fiber-optic and coaxial cables (CATV).