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Principles of Magnetic Locating

In this video, the principles of using magnetic locators to find underground ferrous metal objects are explained in a simple, concise, and instructive way.


Principles of Pipe & Cable Locating

This video provides an overview of the standard methods used in Pipe & Cable locating. It will prepare you to effectively use pipe and cable locators and enhance your ability to determine target location, target depth, and the tracing distance. If you’re a beginner, this training video will help you get up and running quickly. If you’re an experienced locator, this video will enhance your knowledge and provide you with an in-depth view of how the locating process really works.


Locating Sondes with a Schonstedt

This video offers a step-by-step guide to using sondes, or “beacons”, with Schonstedt pipe & cable locators to find blockages in underground pipes.

An Introduction to Magnetic Locating

Schonstedt’s own Jim Bach is the featured performer in this new “Magnetic Locating Basics” video. This eight-minute segment introduces Schonstedt’s three models of Magnetic Locators: the GA-52Cx, the GA72-Cd, and the GA-92XT. Jim covers all the basics of finding underground ferrous objects large and small.


An Introduction to Pipe & Cable Locating  (archival)

This video has been broken down into 12 separate chapters, for your convenience. The chapters range in size from 5 Mb – 25 Mb, in .wmv format. Fastest method of viewing is to “right click” (or “control click”) and “save as” onto your computer. Having trouble downloading? Please let us know.

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