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Water Pipe Locator Equipment for the Water & Sewer Industry

Are you responsible for water/wastewater mains and services or identifying other underground utilities? Schonstedt offers sewer locating equipment, both magnetic locators and pipe and cable locators, to fit every need in the water and sewer industry.

Magnetic Locators for water and sewer applications detect manhole covers, valve or curb boxes, shut-off valves, iron pipe joints, drain grates, reinforced septic tanks up to 18′ deep. Magnetic locators react to the outline of a ferrous metal object to pinpoint its location with precision.

We offer a choice of five models: MAGGIE (pistol grip w/audio & display), Spot (“stick” w/audio), GA-52Cx (audio), GA-72Cd (most rugged w/audio & display) and GA-92XTd (extendable w/audio & display). For over 50 years, the GA-52Cx has been the preferred choice of surveyors around the world. The ultralight-weight Spot represents the “Next Generation Stick Locator”. The GA-92XTd allows for easier portability (expands and retracts). And MAGGIE blends the best of the GA-52Cx and GA-92XTd. All are backed with a Schonstedt 7-year warranty.

Pipe & Cable Locators detect the path and depth of ductile iron, straight steel, lead, copper or any other metal constructed pipe used on mains and water distribution services. Pipe and cable locators also detect tracer wire or detectable metal tape (aka mule tape) buried alongside non-metal pipes systems constructed of transcite, HDPE, PVC, clay tile or cement at a maximum depth of 20 feet. Two Schonstedt models: XTpc-82 for quick, short distance locates with less difficulty and the Rex Multi-Frequency Locator for more congested underground situations or large scale projects demanding more flexibility to change transmitter frequency or power level settings to improve accuracy. Both models can detect the pipeline or wire by means of conductive (directly connected) and inductive (in-direct) mode, and they are both high quality water pipe locators.

Locator Equipment Combination Kits

Magnetic and Pipe & Cable Locator Kits, MPC kits combine the best of both worlds while saving time & effort — all in one convenient hard-case for limited storage situations. Comprising an XTpc utility locator and GA-92XTd magnetic locator, these kits detect and locate all objects described above in Magnetic and Pipe & Cable applications as well as all 512 Hz transmitted sources.

The MPC-Rex Combo Kit is truly the one kit that finds it all, designed for utility locating professionals in Water • Sewer • Gas • Electric • Telecomm industries. The Kit includes a GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator and a Rex Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator and accessories. The entire system fits easily into a custom shoulder bag.

The MPC-800 kit comes with an 82 kHz transmitter and receiver — best for tracing gas, water and sewer pipelines. The MPC-300 kit comes with a 33 kHz transmitter and receiver — best for tracing electrical and telecommunication cables. The MPC-500 kit comes with GA-92XTd magnetic locator and a XT512 receiver — best for pin-pointing 512 Hz sources such as inspection cameras, boring systems and mini-sondes (beacons or moles) attached to duct rodders, plumber snakes or fish tape.

Pipe & Cable & Sonde locator The PCS-800 combines the versatility of the XTpc-82 utility locator along with a choice of 512 Hz sonde (beacon or mole). These frequency locators are great tools for water/sewer crews, construction & excavation contractors and home service professionals needing to trace various utilities and non-metal sewer pipes, as they are premier pieces of water line detection equipment.

Schonstedt also offers a range of sondes (aka mini-transmitters; moles or beacons) that work with our pipe and cable locators for even greater accuracy. Click here to learn more about Schonstedt sondes.

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