Support FAQ’s

Answers to your questions about warranties, repairs, and more.

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Do I need a “Return Number” before sending in my repair?
No you do not need a return number. Just fill out the repair form (Download Repair Form), print and enclose with your unit.
What is the repair warranty on Schonstedt locators?
Repair warranties are for six months. If your repaired locator fails for any reason during that time, Schonstedt will repair it at no charge to you.
How long does it take to have my locator repaired?
We will have your locator repaired and on its way back to you within 48 hours from receipt of your approval for Schonstedt's line of magnetic locators and within 72 hours from receipt of your approval for Schonstedt's line of pipe and cable locators.
How much does it cost to have my locator repaired at Schonstedt?
Our standard minimum repair charge for the GA-52Cx and the GA-72Cd is $290.00, and the GA-92 is $309. These prices include a new base and tube, can/cover assembly, tuning, aligning and calibration to its original manufactured specifications and a 6-month warranty. These locators are returned to the customer looking and functioning like brand new. For the XTpc series we will provide an estimate for the repair within 24 hours of receiving it.
Is the trade in program still available?
Yes, you may contact Schonstedt or any Authorized Schonstedt Dealer and we will be glad to assist you.
Can I get my older locator models such as the GA-22, GA-32, GA-52, GA-52B, GA-52C, GA-72Cv, MAC-51B and MAC-51Bx repaired at Schonstedt?
These models are no longer repairable due to the necessary electronic components are no longer available.  We would be happy to offer you a trade-in toward the purchase of a new Schonstedt locator.  Please consult with an authorized Schonstedt dealer or contact us for Trade-in details.
How do I find my instrument’s serial number?
  • If your unit is a GA series (not including the GA-92 series), your serial number will be located beside the batteries (you will need to remove the cover of your unit to access the batteries).
  • If your unit is a GA-92 series, XTpc series or XT-512, the serial number is located on the left side of the unit while holding the receiver in your hand. If your unit is an XTpc series, the transmitter also has the serial number located on the side end opposite the connector side end.
  • The serial number for Rex's receiver is located on the left side of the unit. The serial number for Rex's transmitter is located on the back of the transmitter.
  • If your unit is a TraceMaster the serial number is located at the top of the panel on the back of the receiver above the instructions and also on the outside of the transmitter case (lower right corner). Due to obsolescent parts from electronic component suppliers and manufacturers, Schonstedt has discontinued sales and repairs of the TraceMaster and TraceMaster II.
How do I register my product online?
Click here to use our Online Registration form.
How do I contact someone at Schonstedt?
Use the contact form here.
What type of batteries does my magnetic locator use?
The GA-52Cx and GA-72Cd each operate on two 9-V batteries. The GA-92 and Maggie each operate on one 9-V battery.  
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