Amy’s the Grand Prize Winner!

Amy Carlos-Fiscus has to be the luckiest person on earth—or at least the luckiest in Jefferson Township, PA, where she is Secretary/Treasurer of the Township’s 24 departments. Why so lucky? Well, she entered only one Round (#3) of the six rounds of the 2013 Great Locator Giveaway, so out of six possible entries per participant, her single entry was chosen at random out of more than 6,000 in all!

OK these aren’t lottery-sized odds but, as Amy reported, “I feel very very very lucky. I still can’t believe it.” When asked how many Schonstedt locators were in use among the Township’s myriad departments, she responded, “Too many to count!”.

Amy opted for the $5,000 cash award instead of the 7-day cruise.” I am so grateful to Schonstedt for this. You have no idea.”

Good fortune bestowed on a good person. Congrats to Amy!

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