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It’s National Surveyors Week!

The history of surveying in America begins in our own back yard. Everyone knows that George Washington was both a founding father of our country and a founding surveyor of Virginia. But did you know that his youngest brother, Charles, had surveying skills of his own and even mapped out the town that took his name? Charles Town (in what is now West Virginia) is a stone’s throw down the pike from Schonstedt’s Kearneysville headquarters, where we continue to develop new surveying tools and technology that the Washington brothers could only dream of.

SHDI sends 4 more demining units to Iraq

Schonstedt Instrument Company is proud to report the shipment of four GA-72Cd Magnetic Locators to be used in the humanitarian demining efforts in the war-torn country of Iraq. Now in its 10th year, the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative has shipped over 500 donated locators to underserved regions all of the world. For full details on this important program, and to learn how you can donate to this effort, click here for the SHDI page on this Website.  

Thanks to one and all!

A Salute to Vets

The men and women of the US military are the most disciplined, dedicated, and diverse workforce on earth. You won’t find them in the ranks of “the top 1 percent”. They don’t think of camouflage as streetwear. They don’t think of themselves as heroes, they just don’t want to be forgotten. So today, locate a veteran in your place of work and just say Thanks!

Dubai Exhibition a Great Success

In early October, Schonstedt proudly partnered with Glosys Electronics to attend the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environmental Exhibition (WETEX) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event attracted 1,900 exhibitors from 46 countries, and over 22,600 people attended the event from 65 countries. We showcased our Magnetic and Pipe/Cable Locators and discussed issues related to water conservation and building a sustainable environment.

Help the Next Generation of Surveyors!

Schonstedt has partnered with NSPS, the National Society of Professional Surveyors, to put “no-longer-needed” Schonstedt magnetic locators into the hands of surveying students nationwide. Do you have a Schonstedt locator that you’d like to donate for educational purposes? Click here to begin the Donation process.


New Field Training Video Page

You asked for it, you got it! Now you can access the field training video clips you need from your mobile device. This new library of clips uses “responsive design” to optimize viewing of the most requested training segments. Click here to access the page

NEW Product Evaluation Form

How do you like your Schonstedt? At Schonstedt we take great pride in our innovative designs and in our manufacturing expertise. We are dedicated to providing the most precise and easy-to-use underground locators for a worldwide market. Please take a minute to give us your own thoughts on the Schonstedt locator(s) you purchase and or/use!