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Spot Membrane Switch

Spot the improvements?

When Schonstedt customers talk, our engineers listen. The new changes we made to the Spot magnetic locator aren’t ground-breaking. They just make our next generation “yellow stick” a little better, and your locating job a little easier. Spot now comes with a new anti-roll guard, an improved control panel, and with the implementation of “gain memory”, the gain setting is memorized when the unit is turned off. >> Learn more about “Spot 2.0” on our Website  

Rex, the ultra-lightweight, super portable, multi-frequency Pipe & Cable Locator

Rex Just Got An Upgrade 

Rex — the ultra-lightweight, super portable, multi-frequency Pipe & Cable Locator — just got even better! Larger Display on the Transmitter Improved icons and a larger LCD on the transmitter provide greater clarity and legibility. Software Enhancements on the Receiver On the receiver, we’ve improved the feedback provided when adjusting the Gain. Click here to learn more about Rex.

RD5100H20+ Precision Pipe & Cable Locator

Schonstedt is Now Offering the Radiodetection 5100H2O+

In partnership with Radiodetection, Schonstedt Instrument Company is proud to welcome the RD5100H2O+ Precision Pipe & Cable Locator to the Schonstedt family of underground locating equipment. The RD5100H2O+ brings several innovative features to Schonstedt’s pipe & cable line. iLOC™ allows the operator to control the transmitter remotely using the receiver 4k CD* (Current Direction) allows the operator to accurately identify the correct pipe or cable cable among a number of other parallel pipes or cables StrikeAlert™ provides visual and audio warnings of shallow cables to further reduce the risk of accidents     Learn more about the RD5100H2O+ Precision Pipe and Cable locator by…

Get Kids Into Survey Forestry Poster Ga-52Cx Locator

Get Kids Into Survey!

Elaine Ball Ltd. has developed a series of 5 posters to support their mission of “Raising the standards within the Geospatial Industry Globally”. Can you spot the Schonstedt in the “Forestry” poster, shown above? (hint: click here to see a closeup view of this poster) You can order all 5 posters FREE on their Website: (you pay only for postage)

Happy Anniversary Schonstedt

We’re 66 and 1!

On March 1, 2018, SPX Corporation’s Radiodetection business announced the acquisition of Schonstedt Instrument Company. While Schonstedt is an industry leader in magnetic locators, Radiodetection is an industry leader in pipe and cable locators. The combination of our two world-class businesses creates an even stronger organization, and we’re very excited for what the future holds. This spring marks both our 66th anniversary in business, and the 1st anniversary of teaming up with Radiodetection and parent company SPX. Here’s to many more decades of making great underground locators together!

Loki Pipe & Cable

Loki Sweeps the Locating World

Schonstedt Instrument Company is pleased to announce the launch of Loki, a multi-frequency locator designed to “sweep” large areas to quickly and easily locate buried assets. Loki is designed for utilities and construction crews seeking a user-friendly, lower-cost pipe and cable locator. Available in two models, Contractor and Utilities, each model is optimized to perform in the demanding environments of the construction and utilities industries. Loki combines new and innovative features to find buried pipes and cables more efficiently. As the first Schonstedt pipe and cable locator with “Dual Mode” capabilities, Loki can simultaneously search for and identify transmitter and…

Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Locators Deployed to Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Since the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s independence in 1960, the country has been locked in a spiral of armed conflict that has resulted in nationwide contamination of explosive hazards. The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has been present in the DRC since 2002, supporting the National Mine Action Authority (CCLAM) in coordinating the survey and clearance activities of suspected hazardous areas identified throughout the country. In August 2018, the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative (SHDI) deployed ten (10) locators to the DRC to aid in the detection of buried landmines, explosive remnants of war (ERW) and other unexploded ordnance…

Lexxi: Economical Cable Fault Locator - TDR

Schonstedt offers new TDR cable fault locator, Lexxi.

On October 1, 2018, Schonstedt began selling the new cable fault locator, Lexxi. Lexxi T1660 offers an unrivaled combination of performance, usability and economy. Combining hand-held ergonomics with a TDR engine, this fault locator gives technicians the tools they need to find faults quickly, with 1% distance accuracy and resolution. Lexxi is a proven Radiodetection instrument that’s now available to Schonstedt dealers and distributors.   Lexxi is a perfect tool for: Utilities & Municipalities Cable Installation Service Maintenance Contractors Learn more by visiting