Schonstedt Turns Up Volume on GA-92XT Magnetic Locator

Responding to customer input, Schonstedt Instrument Company has significantly boosted the audio output of its GA-92XT expandable locator. The company’s recent redesign of the processor board has resulted in an average increase in sound pressure level (SPL) from 103 decibels to 115 decibels, at a distance of 2″” from the speaker.

While SPL measurements are highly dependent on the frequency of the sound and the distance from the source, this improvement can be put into context as follows:

• 103 db is about the SPL measured from a jack hammer at a distance of 3 feet
• 115 db is at the low end of the SPL measured from the sound of a jet 300 feet away

This means that the user will be able to distinguish the sound of the GA-92XT, without the use of a headset, in the midst of noise caused by construction projects, heavy traffic or large crowds.