State Journal Features Article on Schonstedt

statejournalThe State Journal, West Virginia’s Business Newspaper, recently published a feature about the Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative (SHDI):

Small Kearneysville company recognized for big donations
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 2:59 PM EST By Linda Harris, Legal Reporter

There are days when Bob Ebberson and his co-workers at Schonstedt Instrument Co. must feel a little like David battling Goliath.

Small by any standards — there are just 25 employees in the company — Kearneysville-based Schonstedt is trying to make the world just a little bit safer by donating hand-held magnetic locators to people in war-torn world communities to help them find underground mines and unexploded ordnance that could kill or maim unsuspecting children and adults as they walk, play or plow fields that look deceptively inviting.

But eight years and nearly 500 free magnetic locators later, they’re learning an ugly truth: human nature being what it is, 500 isn’t going to be nearly enough.

“It makes the employees here feel particularly good about what we do here every day,” said Ebberson, who is director of Schonstedt’s business development as well as its Humanitarian Demining Mission, which operates in partnership with the United Nations. “Everything we manufacture here is all American-made and we’re an employee-owned company,” he said. “Everybody knows when they come to work in the morning they’re literally helping save lives around the world.”

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